Moss Motion were approached by Young Living to aid in celebrating and promoting the energy of a newly launched product line, BLOOM. We crafted a warmth and delicate atmosphere, showing the consistency and the interconnection between a meditative lifestyle and BLOOM skincare product lines.


We designed and developed a motion brand identity that embrace the constancy of care in conscientious ingredients choices, encouraging a healthier lifestyle & culture that are at the heart of the Young Living brand.


Motion Brand Identity
Design & Art Direction
Social Media Engagement


Help Young Living become the brand it deserves, attract their audiences for the new launched product, BLOOM and increase brand recognition. 


Young Living

Understanding the Brand

We started from understanding the brand and it's business nature, identified their pain point, and their main audiences. Through a series of brain-storming session, we were able to extract and refine the key pillars of the brand. This defined the brand’s personality: how it should look, sound, and act.


Goals & Challenges

We wanted to enhance the inter connection between Young Living and their audiences, which are mostly young female adult, by utilising the trust that was built throughout the years, portraying the culture and lifestyle Young Living intended for their customers. The entire BLOOM product line consisted of multiple products and the launching content were not created all together. We had to ensure our designs are fitting right in with the other product videos.


Tackling the Problem

We derived from the key pillars and look into how certain elements conveyed a particular aspect of the brand's identity. Then, we concluded and curated all our inspirations into boards for the Young Living team, this helped both of the team to understand each other languages, aligned our expectation and direction, most importantly, gained a glimpse into the final outcome of the project, with a low cost and commitment method for the team.


What We Delivered

Discovery & Framing

We created several thumbnails to kick start the design process. We extracted the key elements from our curated boards of images, and delivered the concept visually through a flow of images, and this framed an initial direction and built upon it.


Explore, Test, Adjust

Through an iterative approach for the design and working closely with Young Living team, we were able to extract and visualise our concept. We used 3D tools to experiment, explored possibilities and defined limitations, through trial and error to filter essential ingredients and elements for Young Living.


Narrow, Focus

In the process of exploring various setting, colour, layout of the scene, we gained a deeper understanding on the direction we set earlier on. We tweaked and refined the flow during the research and development process, removed and modified shots that did not translate well in a 3D world, resulting a narrow, fine-tuned and appropriate direction for the project. The images we crafted, styleframe, acted as a visual direction, enabled both teams to grab a closer idea of the feel, colour and ambient.


Asset Creation

In order to achieve result that meet our standards, we ensured everything in the scene are crafted accurately & appealing especially for the products. With the aid of several images and open size of the product, our team were able to re-create a fully CG version of the product that contain the finest detail.

Our team used various of methods to create all the products in BLOOM product line. To fully ultilise the materials provided by the Young Living team, we used the most efficient method to create assets with the combination of 3D and 2D software. This created a highly accurate outcome and reduced the time to map the texture on top of the 3D asset.


During the exploration stage of we curated a series of images to convey the form of organic beauty. Each simulation we created, has to be visually appealing, engaging and organic. We filtered and removed animation that did not work well, and kept only those that touches our initial direction, how it look, sound and feel, ensuring the message were delivered clearly.


We narrowed down our direction during the research & development stage to create a 'zen', calm ambient, this illustrate the comfortable sensation, meditating lifestyle, and premium finish. We explored various of setup to mimic real world scenarios, experimented dozens of composition to achieve the right balance of highlight and shadow, ensuring it looked calm and meditative yet dynamic and compelling.

Refine & Align

We used a low commitment approach to ensure every stage is done correctly and both teams are constantly in the same page. We keep as flexible as possible before finalising through easily manipulated 3D assets. As our animation were done in a procedural approach, that means we were able to change or add elements easily without starting over from scratch yet maintaining the same look we did initially.

The Result




Just wanted to share this with you all. We've received many praises for the work you guys have done! We've got to place order to restock the collagen drink. 

Great job guys! Thank you.

Felicia Cheong

Regional Product Development & Portfolio Manager
Young Living Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

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