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Design Process

CNY Digital Bazaar

Moss Motion and Unicom Interactive Digital joined forces to create an immersive virtual bazaar, showcasing the best of Eu Yan Sang for the 2022 Chinese New Year. With the pandemic still affecting the way we live, we wanted to give customers the opportunity to explore and engage with our products from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Our team designed a dynamic, multi-environment space that features a range of exciting experiences, including shopping, playing mini-games, and learning about the rich history and culture of Eu Yan Sang. The virtual store offers a truly immersive and engaging experience, allowing customers to connect with the brand and celebrate the traditions of Chinese New Year in a unique and innovative way.

CNY Digital Bazaar




Eu Yan Sang


Art Direction by: Moss Motion
Production by: RenderKin Studio
Digital Agency: Unicom Interactive Digital​

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